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Jan - Pro-K9 Instructor 2011 to 2017

After many years of running my own garden design and maintenance business, I realised the highlight of my working day was actually interacting with my clients' dogs - so I decided it was time for a career change! Being particularly passionate about and interested in animal welfare, I train dogs at an animal shelter a couple of days a week helping to rehabilitate dogs to new and improved behaviours and ultimately to gaining a new 'forever' home.  I am also looking into environmental enrichment programmes for dogs to enhance their mental stimulation as an aid towards avoiding behaviours that often see dogs being surrendered to pounds and shelters. 

I currently own 2 dogs - both rescued mix-breeds. Casey, who is 12 and has had some serious health problems over the last few years, and Cody, 11.  They are my 'forever' dogs :).

But my passion doesn't stop at dogs! - I'm also the very proud mother of an adult son and have a step-daughter in Tasmania with three young children.  Until my 12yo dog "Casey" became ill, I travelled a lot (including living in the UK for 7 years) but extensive travel is on hold for the time being as I don't like being away for too long.  Other interests extend to attending live music festivals, an alternative pass-time I also enjoy very much.



Profile coming soon


Sharon - Pro-K9 Instructor 2017 to current

I am Melbourne born and bred, with my childhood spent growing up in Moonee Ponds, North Melbourne and Sunshine West.  Over my lifetime I grew up predominantly with dogs.  As a child, we also had budgies.  Four years ago, my Partner and I adopted two 10 year-old yellow (golden) Labradors (they are 14 years old now).  This was the first time I have owned two dogs at the same time and found it very interesting that two dogs from the same litter could have such different personalities.  I was intrigued and wanted to know more about the psychology and behaviour of dogs, so I enrolled in the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) Certificate III Course.  I'm also passionate about education for dog owners and in particular, the successful adoption of rescue dogs.

I love all dogs, however I really love Labradors.  I love their 'smarts' as well as their beautiful nature.  I am also very fond of senior dogs.  My favourite animals outside of dogs are ....... cows, though I don't know that much about them.  I think they are just so cute!

I love travel and over the past five years have been to Fiji many times.  I have also visited Thailand and Indonesia.  I also did a road trip up through Central Australia to Uluru which was a great experience!  My favourite cuisine is great quality authentic Italian pasta dishes.

If someone asked me what my favourite music was, I would probably classify my taste in music as pop or rock, although I don't mind a little bit of country influences.  As far as my favourite pastime is concerned, I enjoy spending time down at the Mornington Peninsula, taking in the fresh air and exploring the great range of wineries and restaurants.

Photo to come.  I look forward to greeting all our Pro-K9 Members on our Sunday training days.

Judi - Pro-K9 Director & Owner

Judi & MandelaBlessed with a genetically acquired interest in and passion for animals in general, anything from lizards, rabbits and ducks to dogs and horses formed a part of my varied menagerie when I was young.  Dogs were always a part of my 'family' but for many years my strongest passion lay with horses and competition eventing.   My last horse, one of those "one-in-a-million" types (you know the ones) “Civil Action” (aka “Raf”) whom I owned for 30 years lived until he was 35 years old, happily living the life of retirement until late 2015, when it just became his 'time'.   

Back in year 2000, I adopted a fearful 7-year-old R.Ridgeback in need of a home.  I set my goals to helping her to become a more confident dog and that had me realising the direction I wanted my life to travel.   “Kal” - a success story in herself, fed my passion and became the catalyst to me learning how to not only help her but to also help the dogs of others and so I undertook extensive studies in the field of canine behaviour, training and psychology.  Learning never ceases and I owe what I know to not just one dog but all.  This is how “Pro-K9” came about and has very proudly grown to what we have become today.

My current dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback “Mandela”.  I brought him home when he was just 8 weeks old and he has grown into a wonderful companion, teaching me much (as all dogs can and do) along the way. 

Between my passion for dog training and working with other dogs as well as my own I enjoy socialising with my many wonderful friends whenever I get a chance.  I also enjoy getting out in the garden, reading books and when the hours in the day are forgiving enough, working out at the gym, although that is random and seldom chance these days.


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