Pro-K9 is a name that befits the business it is.  Developed and owned by Judi Buchan, a Professional and qualified dog behaviour and obedience trainer.

For in excess of 17 years, Judi has enjoyed sharing her experience by training and assisting many owner and dog combinations Melbourne wide to achieve greater harmony and obedience with their canine companions.

Whether issues relate to problematic behaviours such as barking, digging, house-soiling, aggression, fear or general disobedience (to name a few), she has been instrumental in guiding dogs and dog-owners to a more congenial and less fractious relationship.

Judi’s experience and dedication to her work extends as a lecturer for the NDTF assisting in the education of its students – sharing her knowledge and expertise in many facets of dog-training and behaviour.

Based in Australia’s Victorian South-Eastern suburb of Berwick and Lyndhurst, we offer a range of services - please feel free to click on the links above for comprehensive descriptions.  Refer to the tabs at the top of the page to browse through our information and interest pages.


Welcome to Pro-K9’s Website.  We trust you will enjoy browsing and welcome your contact.





Servicing South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and beyond.

Member of International Association of Canine Professionals

Member of National Dog Trainers Association



As of 12 February 2019, our internet is FINALLY back up.  Thank you everyone for your patience during this inconvenient disruption.  We are hoping that from your end, you did not notice any, or at least very little, inconvenience or disruption to our communications with you.  From our end, we are relieved that business as usual may now resume cool


Please note that we are currently experiencing internet connection issues (as of 30 January 2019).  At the present, our internet is not connecting and our provider, who we alerted to this issue, has been advised.  We believe that the internet issue is more widespread than at first thought and it is possible that it relates to a cabling problem.  We are informed by our provider that they will be testing over the next 24 hours and, failing resolution, will arrange a technician to check the wiring hardware.  This could affect us for an indeterminate period, though we are estimating (hoping) no more than a week, preferably sooner.  

This issue impacts inparticular, on receipt of emails and messages from FaceBook.  We are, however, connecting our Mobile phone to our computer to create a "hot spot", enabling us to download emails that have been sent in the meanwhile.  However, this cannot be done remotely.  So, we are still able to communicate with you but we hope you will bear with us for our responses not being quite as prompt as we would otherwise prefer.  If you have emailed/messaged us and have not received a response within the usual 24-hour turn-around period, please feel welcome to contact us by mobile telephone.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you.  We are hopeful to resume normal communications as soon as possible.

Thank you

Judi Buchan

Pro-K9 - Director


Our purchase on-line store is not yet fully operative.  We apologise for the inconvenience.  If you would like to purchase our fantastic leads, long-lines, tugs or Food Treat Pouches, please contact us direct via the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the page.  Thank you.



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Pro-K9 Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy
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