Pro-K9 Leads and Long-lines


The leads and long-lines that Pro-K9 uses!  Beautiful in feel and look! Very pliable, soft and comfortable to the hand. 

Our leads and long-lines are made to work, yet have all the feel and durability that is required for day to day use in the training of our dogs.  They are attractive and light, yet strong, safe, soft and durable.   They have been strength tested to ensure safety.  Scroll down to see the strength tests results. 

Feels and looks like leather! 

•   These leads and long-lines from Pro-K9 stay perfectly flexible down to -10 degrees C.

•   Stable and not affected by heat up to 150 degrees C.

•   Look and feel like Deer Hide Leather!

•   Won't stretch under any strain.

•   Will not rot, attract mildew or need any treatment or maintenance .... ever!!

•   Can be used indefinitely in all weather conditions!

•   These leads and long-lines are for any use right up to extreme!  

•   Strong!! *

•   Stitched, not rivetted.

•   Quality brass or stainless steel snap hook fitting. 

•   Colour :  Black only. 

Lead dimensions :  16mm width; 6 feet length.  Comfortable fit to the hand and excellent length for training and handling advantages.

Long-line dimensions : 13mm width; 7 metre length.  Lightweight but good to hold.  Pro-K9 has found that these long-lines are less inclined to tangle than some others. 


As part of our quality assurance, the leads and long-lines were strength tested with the following results :

  • Leads (16mm) - 6 x 1 metre lengths were tested.  

Findings : "The material is stable and only broke within 7kgs of 340kgs - 340kg being the average."

  • Long-lines (13mm)  - 6 x 1 metre lengths were tested.  

Findings : "The material is stable and only broke within 5kgs of 220kg - 220kg being the average"

  • The brass snaphook fittings will withstand the strain beyond even that of the leads and long-lines themselves!


Got to be tried to be believed!  These leads and long-lines are Pro-K9's favourites.  


Prices :

•   Leads : 16mm x 6 foot length  $58.00 each, plus postage.

•   Long-lines : 13mm x 7 metre length $65.00 each, plus postage.

Purchases may be made by contacting Judi at Pro-K9.  Payment methods accepted are cash or credit card.  Please contact us for more details.



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