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where Judi at Pro-K9 uses her expertise to fast-track your dog's training, making it easier for you!

Learning as your dog also learns can and should be an enjoyable journey but sometimes it can prove to be a difficult one, perhaps for reasons such as :

  • The rambunctious dog who just doesn't make it an easy thing for his/her owner to learn HOW to teach obedience skills.
  • The person who has all the time to continue with obedience skill practice, but finds it difficult to put in the extra to teach the skills in the first place.
  • The person who needs their dog to have the obedience skills NOW so that they can be used in and around the home amongst other people/children.

Because Judi has the expertise, the dog learns faster in her hands so this speeds up the process of your dog understanding what is required of him or her.  The training is still possible in the hands of a Novice handler/owner (especially under class or private tuition), but it is a slower process as you are both learning at the same time and there are times, as demonstrated above, that this slower process is not suitable.

This is where Pro-K9's "Boarding & Training " service comes in as very useful - the more so if owners wish to take advantage of their dog's training and care time by arranging a holiday of their own to coincide.

Our 10-day Boarding & Training package includes teaching your dog basic skills such as sit, drop, recall and loose lead walking. 

Our 20-day Boarding & Training package includes teaching your dog the same basic skills as in the 10-day package, but extends to include stay work in both sit and drop; increased recall distance; stand; drop to sit; and the beginning of heel position.  We also work to increase the reliability of your dog's learnt skills and use a variety of distractions to proof these.  

Variations to what we teach your dog are often possible.  This depends on what your dog already knows before he or she comes to the kennels for the Board & Train stay and also upon what the discerning owner deems most important to them.  This is discussed with the owner prior to the dog's commencement of training.

In between training activity, your dogs are well looked after by the team at All Breeds Boarding Kennels .  Housed indoor with heating and cooling facilities and frequently taken outside to their spacious yards for a pleasurable and supervised play and run time, your dog will enjoy the attention as well as all the mental stimulation playing and learning through training provides. 

Pro-K9 is very aware that every dog is an individual and therefore Judi is able to use her own well-versed understanding of individual dog sensitivities and temperaments.  Her training methods are NOT of a "one-size fits all" mentality.  Motivational play and other motivational techniques are used to enhance your dog's learning and these too are adapted to suit the individual dog.  

At the end of your dog's Boarding & Training stay, the owner receives a private lesson - duration approximately 45 - 60 minutes.  This service is at no charge as it is important that the owner receives instruction on how to achieve the responses their dog has been taught.  

Join in with Pro-K9's Obedience Group classes to receive additional tuition and coaching in handling skills in a controlled class environment. When your dog comes back to you, your dog will know more than you do - this service is designed to help you catch up to what your very clever dog now already knows!!  

Like to know more? 

Please feel free to direct your obligation free telephone enquiries to Judi at Pro-K9 on 03 9707 1424 or 0419 204 023.

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