Class Start Time : 9.15 am  Please note this level's class time has been temporarily changed to 10.30am.
Duration : 45 minutes

This level builds on and adds to what you have learnt and taught your dog in the Foundation Level Group.  As this level introduces distance training, you will be required to add a long-line to your equipment.  Long-lines are available and can be purchased from Pro-K9.

  • Increase command compliance duration
  • Focus
  • Introduction to compliance under distraction
  • Strengthening reliability of :
    • Sit
    • Drop
    • Loose Lead Walking
    • Recall
  • Build on heel position
  • Introduction of heel pivots
  • Introduction to COP ("Change of Position")
  • Motivational techniques and coaching of use emphasised
  • Adding distance
  • Extending on "targetting" exercise (ie to remote target)

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