Under Graduate


Class Start Time : 10.30 am
Duration : 45 minutes

This level builds on and adds to what you have learnt and taught your dog in the Elementary Level Training Group.  Work is still on-leash, however much is conducted with the use of Long-lines as distance training becomes more predominant at this level.

  • Teaching "stand"
  • Training COP (Change of Position)
  • Separating verbal command from hand-signal cue
  • Increasing long-sit and long-drop reliability (distance and distraction)
  • Loose Lead Walking under increased distraction intensity
  • Proofing verbal command compliance
  • Advancing "Heel" - entry to heel position and alignment
  • Enhancement of focus
  • Proofing recall : "at front" finish
  • Teaching "remote target"
  • Proofing "tug" game rules



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