Novelty & Intro to Agility Equipment

Included in Membership

Class Start Time : 10.05 am
Duration : 20 minutes


Membership to Pro-K9 Obedience Classes entitles you to join our Novelty Classes, which practice in, teach you about and explains the importance for correct approach in habituating your dog to all manner of things they will need to learn to cope and be comfortable with in our busy human world (eg. bikes; machinery; and much more).

Introduction to Agility Equipment

Sometimes combined with or an alternative to novelty exposure (above).  A fun way to finish off or start your obedience class exercises and introduce your dog to experiences including moving through tunnels (confined space); walking over dog-walk panels (balance and hind-end awareness); walking through ladders (hind-end awareness); and more.  A great basic introduction to agility equipment familiarisation.

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