Equipment to Bring

A Pro-K9 Food Treat Pouch will be provided to you free of charge on the first day of training - with our compliments!
You will need to bring :
  • Good quality lead - minimum 1.5 metre length
  • Good quality collar with buckle attachment (ie not plastic)
  • Usual training collar (if you have one)
  • Dog's favourite toy - preferably something you can hold onto as well Eg. Tug; Orbee Ball (with rope handle)
  • High value "wet" food treats.  Eg. Cheese; BBQ Chicken; Sausage/Frankfurt

What are "wet treats"?  Wet treats are treats such as those mentioned above, like cooked sausage etc.  Kibble style treats, dried liver treats and even schmacko style treats - these are considered "dry treats" and are not what we recommend during active training, essentially for the potential for these to be more difficult for your dog to quickly swallow whilst on the move.

What do we mean by a flat collar with "buckle attachment"?  This is simply a good quality ordinary collar, but one which does-up by way of a buckle, similar to a belt buckle.  The reason for this is simply a safety factor.  We have experienced times when the plastic-style clip collars that are commonly sold at pet-stores unexpectedly "give way" for a variety of reasons.  Of course, the material used in the collar is of equal importance.  Webbing is fine as is leather, provided its strength, thickness and width suit the size and strength of your dog.  Naturally, everything hinges on the quality of stitching that is used in the manufacturing of the collar you purchase.  Poorer quality has shown to have failed and a dog on the loose results.  And we have witnessed cheaply manufactured, frail leather tear.  We recommend all these factors be taken into account when you purchase a collar for your dog.  

TIP :  Your dog's special training tug item should be something that is durable yet comfortable for both your dog and yourself to hold onto.  Hard balls and/or rope toys are NOT recommended.  Care of your dog's mouth, teeth and overall comfort on the tug is important.

Please feel free to ask Judi for help in this regard if you are not sure.  Suitability of tug items will be discussed in the first of your two Introduction Lessons.

TRAINING ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at Pro-K9 - available for purchase on training mornings either before or after class start times :
  • Pro-K9's fantastic quality leads
  • Pro-K9's equally fantastic quality long-lines are available for purchase on training mornings (long-lines are a pre-requisite training item once you reach Elementary Level).  
  • Bunny-fur-tugs
  • Pro-K9's Food Treat Pouches

Ask our staff for information or enquire at Pro-K9's Training Grounds on training mornings before or after group sessions!  

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