Class start time :  10.30am
Duration : 45 minutes
This level continues the advancement of and adds to what you have learnt and taught your dog in previous levels.  Long-lines are used predominantly throughout the exercises being taught and proofed.
  • Recalls - working for speed/directness in returns under distraction
  • Stand - weaning off hand signal
  • Heel - proofing position from rear, side and front entry alignments - without visual cue; introduction to walk movements
  • COP (Change-of-position) - inclusion of 'stand' and randomising sequence
  • Proofing sit and drop (continuation)
  • Proofing Long-sit and Long-drop
  • Increasing 'remote target' skill (distance)
  • Long-work (proofing for reliability) - increasing duration and distraction
  • Introduction to "Long-stand"
  • Introduction to Out-of-sight Long-drop (ie "drop-stay")
  • Preparing for off-leash work (Post-Graduate level)

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