Private Obedience Lessons

Can't make weekend classes?  

Need a bit more one-on-one help to get you going?

Need a bit of a brush up for improvement in certain specific skills?

This is where Private Obedience Training lessons come in.  Like classes, it's about helping you learn the skills to teach your dog the skills you want him or her to learn.  Sit, drop, recalls, loose-lead walking, etc.  These lessons can also be helpful when your dog perhaps isn't quite ready to cope with the proximity of numerous other dogs, or where you need a leg-up, so to speak, in your handling skills so you can be better prepared to manage your over-exciteable dog when it is time to add those other distractions.

Private Obedient Lessons (POL) means all the attention is tailored to yourself and your dog.  They begin with a minimum block of 3 lessons, usually spaced about one week apart, then adhoc depending on what you and your dog need and how far you wish to go.  

Venue for POL's is generally at our Private Training Grounds in Lyndhurst or at a suitable location within Berwick and are conducted inside working-hours.  We don't usually recommend Private Lessons at home, only for the want of sufficient and secure space, however there are exceptions to the rule and consideration on individual merits is always given.

Fees on application.

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